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5th District Judge John Melanson on June 19 ordered Department of Water Resources Director David Tuthill – or his successor, since Tuthill was set to leave that job at the end of June – to review and amend some aspects of his orders to address water calls in the Magic Valley. Specifically, he “Remanded on issue of seasonal variation; Director abused discretion in ordering ‘replacement plan’ and failure to provide timely hearings; affirmed in other respects.” The decision has significant impact within the Snake River Basin Adjudication but, although SRBA Judge Melanson delivered it, it is not part of the adjudication. The case arose in district court in Gooding County through an administrative appeal of the department’s actions. Delivered earlier to Judge Barry Wood (himself a former SRBA judge), it was assigned in July 2008 to Melanson, who also undertakes general district court work outside his SRBA responsibilities. (for the rest, see the July Snake River Basin Adjudication Digest)

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